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 Bath Bomb Mould for use by hand or by press

This 4.5" x 2.25" x 2" bath bomb mould is made from PLA. PLA stands for Polyactic Acid and is a thermoplastic polymers in that it is derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane.

How to use your mould:

Place the bottom piece inside the sleeve and add your bath bomb mixture.

Place the top piece on top, and then simply press down hard either by hand or by press.

Push the top and bottom piece out of the cylinder to unmold.

Wipe away any mixture on the inside of the pieces before making the next bath bomb.

Sometimes there might be slight discoloration, or a slight printing defect. This will not affect the performance of the molds.

How to care for your mould:

Rinse under cool water, and towel dry.

Never soak your molds as they can retain water.

Do not place your moulds in the dishwasher.

PLA is susceptible to heat, so please do not use warm or hot water.


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