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This is one of our super-strength in-house hybrid blends.


This liquorice black cosmetic colour additive has been created specifically for EazyColours and is the best we've seen. While the water will be black, your bath bomb won't unless a small amount of black iron oxide is added or you airbrush the exterior of your product (bath bomb).


If you add other colours you will alter the balance of colour and the water will no longer be black.

Liquorice super-concentrated water-soluble cosmetic colourant.


This black will look green in the bath bomb but black in the water.


You can use Liquorice Black in the following rinse off products:

melt and pour soap


cold process soap

whipped soap

whipped scrubs

bubble bars

liquid bubble bath

shower gel


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Please see individual colours for MSDS as this is an EazyColours blend


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