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Halloween 5 pack of water soluble wickedness. This quirky pack contains Hallooween's favourite colour additives to add that touch of spook to your products! This is your one stop shop for all the water soluble colours allowed in the mini Halloween Assessement.


Each pack contains the following colours:

Eazy Yellow Halloween Blend : CI 19140/45350

Orange : CI 40215

Emerald Isle Green : CI 42090/19140

Amethyst Blend : CI 45100/4209

Granular Black:  CI 50420


EazyColours water soluable cosmetic colourants can be used in a variety of different products to give stunning results. A little really does go a long way which makes these a very economical to purchase.


You can add these colours to the following rinse off products:

bath bombs

melt and pour soap

whipped soap

whipped scrub

bath salts

bubble bars

bubble bath

shower gel


For MSDS see individual colour listings


Click here to view our EazyOils range


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  • CI 40215

     CI 42090/19140

     CI 45100/42090

     CI 50420

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