Our EazyColours Mini Assessments are extremely popular!


We have 5 Christmas inspired fragrances with 3 EazyColours water soluble colours and lots of extras in our mini assessment. 


The package contains the EazyColours recipe and HOW TO guide (your recipe download will be available after purchase).


Our aim is to enable you to create a multitude of products using various combinations of colour and fragrance within just one base. You will be able to fill your store, online store or market stall easily. 

Keeping it simple means you can create great products at a great price, decreasing your outgoings while increasing your profit margin. 


Permitted EazyColours colours:
Yellow : CI 19140, Red EazyColours Blend : CI 16035/45100/16185, Blue : CI 42090


Permitted EazyColours Glitters:
Airbush Gold, Airbrush Silver


Permitted EazyColours Micas:
French Mustard, Silver Green (Green), Iridescent Violet (Purple), Sky Blue.


Permitted EazyColours Fragrances:
Frankincense & Myrrh, Gingerbread, Rockin' Robin, Christmas Spice, Cocoa & Log Fire


Sprinkles: For decoration only

Christmas Mix

No refunds can be given due to the nature of the item. No additions or alterations are permitted




When you place an order for an assessment you will receive a digital download of the recipe and instructions to use. The actual assessment will be emailed to you within 1-2 weeks. The assessment will be written in the name of the person who ordered the assessement. Please ensure you have registered the NAME and Email Address you wish your assessment made out to. Please ensure that you have an email address you have access to when placing your order. If the download needs to be resent to a different email account you will be charged an admin fee.


When you order an assessment either on its own or with other products and you want to use a different name for your or your buying for someone else,  you must add a note to the order stating the following:


The NAME of the responsible person.

The ADDRESS of the responsible person.

The EMAIL ADDRESS of the responsible person.


If no note is on the order, the assessment will be made out to the person whose name is on the order and sent to the email address on the order.

If any of these details are incorrect and the assessment has to be redone you will be charged a fee.




Christmas Mini Bath Bomb Assessment 1 EC-001d1